Senior Dog Finds Her Calling After Being Returned To The Shelter Twice

Patience the miracle dog

Meet Patience; she’s seven and she’s had a life that you would just cry about. She was raised to do nothing but give birth to puppies, and she was sometimes used as a bait dog in a puppy fighting ring. She was rescued in 2012. She came to the shelter with a damaged ear canal, a paralyzed face and many wounds on her body. She had ear issues that required significant veterinary attention on a regular basis, but someone still wanted her. She was adopted and taken off to live her own happily ever after.

Sadly, her new owners were not prepared for a dog with  health issues, and they brought her back to the shelter. She was already a shelter favorite even though she was unable to show any expressions on her paralyzed face. She had plenty of patience and an aura that she was just the gentlest and most wonderful dog.

Patience at home

Patience and her new siblings

It did not take long for a shelter volunteer to take to Patience and bring her home on a weekend the shelter was closed. She brought the dog back the day the shelter reopened so she could fill out the paperwork required to adopt this gentle soul. Now Patience gets to travel the world, see the ocean and she lives a lovely life with her new dog siblings.

Patience on vacation

When Patience’s mother, still a volunteer at the shelter, took in a couple of three-week-old kittens who were in need of a home for a while, Patience adopted them immediately and became their surrogate mother.

Patience the dog

The kittens immediately took to Patience, sleeping with her, cuddling with her and loving her. She was so patient with these tiny babies, and she made sure they were always cared for and loved.

Patience and her kittens

Patience is everything that a dog should be to her family, and more. That’s why you should never discount a ‘senior’ dog and all that she has to offer your own family.

Patience and her babies

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