Shy Dog Gains Confidence While Wearing Costumes

Clothes Dog

Sometimes Fiesta is a little shy. She’s a beautiful dog, but she seems to have a little bit of an issue feeling comfortable and confident in her own skin. It might be because she had a life that was not all that amazing for a long time. She appears to be a rescue dog that is being cared for by someone who is hoping she will gain the confidence she needs to become a strong and happy dog. She’s already a very happy dog, but she’s not all that sure of herself. They’ve found that when Fiesta is dressed up as anything other than a dog, she’s much more confident.

She’s like a walking advertisement for Halloween, but in the most adorable way possible. This dog might not be comfortable in her own skin, but sometimes she is able to pretend she is someone else; someone a bit more confident and comfortable than herself – like a lobster or a pumpkin. You know what, though? There is nothing wrong with Fiesta’s ability to feel more confident when she’s dressed up. We all feel a little better when we are up, dressed and making the effort, right? I know that I do, every single time.

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