The Siberian Samoyed: One of The Most Beautiful Working Dogs

Siberian Samoyed

There are lots of working dogs out there to choose from.  But one of the most beautiful has to be a dog breed that comes from the great north.  The Siberian Samoyed is one of the most hard working and attractive dogs in the working breed class.

These solid white pooches are one of the oldest of all dog breeds and have been used for years, for many different purposes.  While many where used as sled dogs, they also were used for herding and even keeping their owners warm in the winter.  A very interesting fact about these canines is that their hair with its wool like properties has been used in knitting.  While the animals are not harmed, they can be sheared during the summer months.  Their fur is considered hypoallergenic and is a great alternative to wool.

The Siberian Samoyed is a very hearty breed and they will live up to 12 years or longer, many times in perfect health.  But a rare few do suffer from Diabetes mellitus, which is very similar to the human form of the disease.  Another genetic problem, that some of these dogs face is Hip dysplasia a common aliment among many different dog breeds.

One of the best dogs for the family, these canines get along with just about anyone they meet.  But for those of you looking for a guard dog, you will probably be disappointed due to this dog’s friendly nature.  So if you are looking for the perfect dog for a child, this just might be the one for you. Even when these dogs get older, they love to play, making them the perfect companion animal for life.

But you might want to consider where these dogs come from, before running out and purchasing one.  They are built for very cold weather and will not do well in places that experience extreme heat. But if you are planning on cutting their coats very short and keeping them indoors during very hot weather these dogs can be kept in the southern areas of the country without issue.

The only real problem with these animals only comes when they get bored and they can become destructive.  If left outside alone, without enrichment, they will often try to dig up the yard.  This can be a real problem for those with manicured lawns.

Overall these are great animals and anyone would be lucky to have one of their own.

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