This Sleepy Dog Will Only Wake up for One Thing


Most dogs are usually obedient when you tell them what to do, especially if they have gone through some sort of training. They know when they can get something out of you – particularly a treat – and if they are too clever, they can often use that knowledge to their advantage. Often, they will usually have selective hearing, especially if they feel a little defiant that day. It drives me nuts sometimes when my dog, a pug named Romeo, hears me calling for him to come over and he pretends not to hear me, instead focusing his attention on something else, which is usually food. It isn’t until I randomly yell out “Treat!” or say “I have a treat for you…” that he comes running toward me, full attention on me – that silly dog! In a viral video, one man’s dog also shows its defiance by “sleeping” and not hearing what its owner is telling it… that is, until the human mentions the magic word.

In the video below, you can see a sleepy dog trying to be woken up by its owner. The adorable dog, who is sleeping on its back like a human, refuses to wake up from its slumber. Its human pokes and tries to waking up the pooch but he just won’t. No matter how much he pokes, prods and talks to the canine, it doesn’t seem to be listening. Its female human also tries getting the dog to wake up, but to no avail. The man even grabs its paw at one point, trying to shake it awake, but is unsuccessful at that. It isn’t until its owner mentions the word “treat” that the dog shakes itself awake. It may not have heard the other words or even felt the physical shaking, but boy, does that dog know the simple meaning of the word “treat”! Upon hearing the word, the dog immediately perks up, as if it weren’t sleeping at all. What a little trickster! It even puts its little face in the nook of the owner’s arm, giving its best puppy dog look. Talk about selective hearing!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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