Smart Puppy Trains Himself for His Owners and It’s Amazing

training puppy

The moment a new puppy listens and starts to look as if he is being trained properly by his owner is a big moment. We all know it; it’s the same way with children as it is with dogs. They go potty where they are supposed to go without incident and we all get excited. They perform a trick and then do it again for someone to witness and we all get excited. It’s a big moment when a dog does something that you taught him to do. This dog in this video, though, is pretty hilarious. The dog is Samson and he is as cute as can be. He is only 11-weeks-old and he is darling. His new mother is working very hard to train him, too.

It’s a natural course with a new puppy. You have to start training them right away if you want them to be successful with their training, and it’s not something that you can easily ignore. It does have to be done, and it’s not easy. This new mother wants her puppy to be a smart dog, a well-behaved dog and one that will impress others. That’s why she is so excited that he seems to be picking up what she is teaching him. She wants to show off his accomplishments, so she is filming him. You have to see this video and what this dog does a few seconds in. I promise you that it is worth it to watch this hilarious dog.  

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