A Snoring Boston Terrier Puppy Fights Gravity and Loses


Truth be told, dogs are quite the hilarious creatures when it comes to them sleeping. They have strange positions that they end up in when they are catching their many snoozes of the day. Some of them sleep normally on their stomachs, but then there are those pups who insist on sleeping on their back, with them facing straight up, just like people! It’s most especially hilarious when said canines end up falling off a bed and/or slipping slowly to the ground. I understand, as I have a pug – and that little guy has one of the loudest snores I have ever heard in my life! His snoring rivals any of my relatives that snore extremely loud, which is saying a lot! Luckily, he is so cute that it’s actually pretty endearing to hear – for the most part, anyway. There are many a video on the cutest sleeping dogs, but none cuter than a snoring Boston Terrier pup.

In the video below, you can see a black and white Boston Terrier enjoying his dreams and sleep time. The canine seems to be genuinely content in sleeping on that black leather couch, resting its head on a peach patterned fluffy pillow that it doesn’t even pay any special mind to the fact that it is on the edge of the couch. The canine seems so relaxed and happy, like it has not a care in the world. Unfortunately, gravity doesn’t agree with the kind dog and it gladly takes him down. The 39-second clip follows the movements of the Boston Terrier who just seems so at peace up until he ends up falling off the couch and actually walking up! It happens several times that the dog kicks up its legs from off the couch to its place on the couch, but when he finally does it a third time, doesn’t, have it heal.

(Photo Source: YouTube)



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