Sochi Rescue Dog Looking To Be Adopted, Thanks To Pacific Grove Rescue Group


The kind folks at Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, the Pacific Grove, California-based organization, are bringing a dog rescued from Sochi, Russia earlier this year to their area to be adopted. Cherry is a 22-pound, 5-year-old mixed breed canine and was trapped in order to be killed during the culling of the stray dogs in Sochi right before the Winter Olympics. A kind-hearted citizen ended up rescuing the terrified dog from the trap and brought him to a makeshift animal shelter that was constructed in a response to the culling of the dogs. The shelter filled up quickly and even now rescue groups from all  around the world are pitching in to assist in taking care of the stray canines.

Peace of Mind volunteer Dr. Simona Prochazka was present in Sochi for the Olympics and actually witnessed the stray program first-hand. Dr. Prochazka will be fostering Cherry when she arrives from Russia after a grueling travel itinerary. The Sochi rescue dog will travel 1,000 miles from Sochi to Moscow, then another 1,000 to Frankfurt and then 6,000 miles to San Francisco, where Peace of Mind will then go get her. Once Cherry is in Dr. Prochazka’s foster care, the dog will be up for adoption.

While Peace of Mind’s focus is on helping dogs left behind on the Central Coast, the organization is also known to take on international dogs on a case by case basis.

For more information about volunteering, adopting, or making a donation to the cause, please visit the Peace of Mind Dog Rescue site or call 831-718-9122.

Image Source: KION

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