Soldier Returns and Surprises Her 2 Great Danes, Gets “Mauled” In Best Way Possible

great danes

When it comes to dog and owner reunions, some of the best involve soldiers.  Having to be away from your pet for such a long time during deployment, can way heavy on both the owner and the dog.  This is probably why when a solider is reunited with their dog, it’s such a magical event.  The two dogs and the soldier in this video, are about to have one of these magical moments and you are going to witness it!

As the video begins, you will see a doggy daycare, which is taking care of several different dogs.  But focus your attention on the two very large Great Danes that are sitting on the sofa.  These two very calm canines, are just lying around passing the days before their owner returns.  They even look a bit sad and are not really paying much attention to what is going on around them.  As you can see, there is someone filming the dogs and what happens next will totally blow you away.  The camera person pans around the room and someone walks into the very large room.  The dogs look up but can’t believe who just walked into the door.

As the soldier makes her way into the room, she calls the two dogs and they jump up from the sofa and run all the way to where she is standing.  Then the large dogs jump on their owner and almost knock her down with tons of love.  These dogs are so happy that their owner has returned and they are getting carried away.  They just simply can’t contain their emotions and the owner is having a hard time standing up. This is simply amazing to watch and we are lucky to have gotten a chance to witness such a special moment.  You can tell that she really loves her dogs and she does everything she can to give them a hug back.  If you would like to watch this emotional reunion, between a soldier and her beloved pets, you can find the clip below this article.  It will really make you smile when you see these dog’s reactions.

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