Soldier’s Dog Goes Missing: 5 Years Later She Gets A Call That Changes Everything

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When Jessica Gutierrez had to leave for deployment five year ago, she left her beloved dog with her sister in New Mexico.  But sadly the pooch went missing when Jessica was away.  The solider came home and the dog was never found.  But five years later she was going to get the surprise of her life!  One day Jessica got a call from someone stating that they had her dog.  She was shocked and in disbelief. It seems someone found the dog and turned her in to a local shelter.  The dog, whose name is Cookie, was found 1000 miles away in San Diego, California and no one knows how she got there. After receiving the dog she was scanned for a microchip and this is when they contacted Jessica with the good news.

Cookie was going to get to go home after five long years and she was flown to Jessica.  While at the airport there was tons of cameras and press around, making the story go viral.  As you will see in the video below, Jessica was so happy she had tears of joy when she saw her dog for the first time in many years.  Cookie had changed a lot in those five years.  When her owner last saw her Cookie’s coat was black and now it’s grey.  Maybe the stress of being away from her owner has aged the dog.  But she is back with the person that loves her the most.

When Cookie saw her owner for the first time in half a decade, she greeted Jessica with a wet kiss and a lick on the face.  She was really happy to see her owner and was super excited.  No one knows what happened to Cookie or why she went missing.  But there is speculation that the dog was stolen and moved half way across the country.  It will probably never be known what the real true story is.  Thankfully the dog is safe and back at home with her owner. This was a wonderful story that had a truly happy ending.  To see the reunion for yourself please watch the video below.

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