Some People Should NOT Be Dog Owners: Part ONE

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I have to admit. I am writing this article for you-a bit agitated. Me and you are here because we LOVE dogs. Right? After learning of some unfortunate circumstances surrounding a beautiful pit-bull (rescue), I had to turn to my readers. I am sure you will be with on this one, 100%. I have to warn you, as a dog lover you’re probably going to be about as irritated as I am right now; Or at least be a bit bothered. If you know someone who has been on the fence about adopting or buying a dog, perhaps you can pass along part one and two of this story. Absolutely insane! 

A friend of mine has a roommate who has never owned or grew up with a dog. That is no problem, really. Getting a dog for the first time can be exciting and life changing. My friend had some reservations about the roommate’s idea because she knows his personality. No, he is not the abusive type. He is a bit narcissistic. Sure narcissistic people can be great dog owners, but for some reason my friend just had a feeling this was going to be a bad idea.

Welcome home, “Spike”. Spike was rescued from a local animal shelter. I always love hearing about success stories when it comes to dog’s lives being saved. For the  forty-eight hours of having the dog the roommate complained that Spike wasn’t very good when it came to being around other dogs. Hello! The dog is a rescue! There are so many different possibilities that can explain why Spike may have issues with other dogs. Instead of doing the responsible duty as a new dog owner, all he did was complain. The roommate (owner) then became afraid of the dog. Keep in mind, Spike did NOTHING to the owner. He was great with people. I excused that and thought, “Maybe since this is his first dog he just needs time to learn about dogs.” As time passed, I became less forgiving. This roommate is a computer tech/IT guru. Why didn’t he Google some tips on how he can help himself and the dog? Ya know, tips for new dog owners!

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My friend joined me for dinner and told me that Spike was taken back to the shelter. WHAT? I am sorry, but when someone adopts a baby, do they take them back to the hospital? His reason for taking the dog back was the whole communication issue Spike had with other dogs. UNBELIAVBLE! I understand this is his first dog. But this is a 26-year old man that obviously has NO patience in training the dog, nor did he want to take the time to get Spike acquainted with the other neighborhood dogs. (Biting my lip as I am typing)


I admit, I creeped the roommate’s Facebook profile. He had photos of Spike on his wall feed. I felt my temperature rising and I’m creeping. I noticed Spike’s collar was SO tight that the fat around his neck was just hanging over the side of the collar. In addition to the regular collar, he also topped that off with a choke chain. Maybe it’s a good thing Spike went back? This guy, again, as a first time owner obviously didn’t ask a pet store employee or the Internet about collar adjustment.

NO. It is NOT OK that he took Spike back to the shelter!

I would understand if Spike was untamed, vicious, and dangerous. He wasn’t. He was a total sweetheart around people. He just had an issue with other dogs. That is NOT uncommon, Mr. Narcissism.

I decided to break this story down into 2 parts. There is ANOTHER part of this that will prompt you to give more opinions. I felt you would have much to say about Spike. I can almost guarantee you will have even more to say about part 2. I just wanted you, the reader, to process this before going into what the roommate JUST did after taking Spike back.

Be sure to come back tomorrow morning to learn…the rest of the story!


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