Sonny the Golden Retriever is a True Inspiration


This is one of those stories that will just melt even the most frozen of hearts. The story of Sonny the Golden Retriever is just an inspiration to us all.  We saw it on Buzzfeed and just felt compelled to share it with the rest of the world. We want you to read this the next time it feels like your life is hard and you just wish you could throw up your hands. Sonny the Golden Retriever shows us all that life is exactly what you make it, no matter what hands you were dealt.

The long story short about Sonny is that his owners noticed something off with him at only one month old. He would walk a few steps and fall over, and just seemed like something may have been wrong. His owner (Tina Ruvalcaba) found out that Sonny had a stroke as a puppy that left him partially paralyzed, and he also had a missing vertebrae which causes his head to lean slightly forward at all times.  The family decided instantly that they would give this dog as much love and do anything they could to make the life of this Golden Retriever as positive as possible. They even reunited Sonny with his brother who had been adopted to another home years earlier.

The point is, years later, the dog is doing awesome. Sonny and his brother have an amazing relationship, and Sonny has absolutely thrives. His family and he himself did not let his conditions become what defined him or his life. So the next time you feel like it is raining on only you, think of Sonny, and we bet your day becomes sunny.

Image Tina Ruvalcaba / Via

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