South Carolina Flood Evacuee Stops Everything To Save A Dog Who Was Left For Dead


The people in many South Carolina towns are facing dire circumstances at the moment. With the devastation of all the flooding that’s occurred recently in so many of the southern towns and cities in much of the state, many people have been displaced, forced to leave behind most of their worldly possessions to get out in time to save their own lives. In fact, the most recent estimate suggests that more than 1000 residents have been forced to evacuate their homes and leave behind their belongings.

Ask yourself this question: If given only an hour to gather your worldly belongings and evacuate, what would you take? Aside from your children and your spouse, would you take your photos? Special heirlooms passed down from generation to generation? I don’t even mention your pets because, obviously, they are living creatures and part of your family. Of course you’d take your pets. It’s this common sense that made South Carolina resident Alex Scroggins look twice when he was helping his mother and sister evacuate.

Each time he passed a neighbor’s home, he saw a beautiful dog in the door, frantic and pacing. It took him a while – after the confirmation from another neighbor – to realize that the owners left the dog behind several days before as they evacuated. They left him to die in the rapidly rising flood waters. That’s when he took it upon himself to go into the home and rescue the dog.

Standing on the porch without a dry space as the water quickly rose, the dog was moments away from being taken with the currents. Alex put him into the boat his family was using and saved the dog from certain disaster. It’s people like Alex that remind us that not all people are awful – and that dog lives matter just as much as any other life matters.

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