South Dakota Bans Breed Specific Laws

This is absolutely amazing news, and a step in the right direction for all dog lovers. The worst thing that has been happening lately all over the world is breed specific laws. Basically, laws that treat certain breeds like Pit Bulls as weapons, and works to have that type of dog banned or punished. It is disgusting, even more so because these dogs cannot speak for themselves, and the media only focuses on a few bad seeds who get in the news because they reared their dogs like weapons. Well, South Dakota is officially the 18th state to ban breed specific laws. Now we need to hope all the other states follow their lead.

The reality is, breed specific laws still do no good and only punish the breed (who is a victim in this also). Laws need to go after people who raise the dogs wrong, abuse the dogs, and treat them like weapons. breed specific laws punish the dog, but do little to curve the behavior of, frankly awful, dog owners.

The vicious attack on the Pit Bull breed in general has been nothing but a fear campaign, and one that has effectively spread like fire over the entire country. Don’t even get me started on the international scene. If you knew how many countries gave altogether banned Pit Bulls, it would make you sick and sad at the same time.

So, in essence, this is a huge step in the right direction, and one we all pray will be the first of many. Dogs are gifts to us, and people who do not see that, are not looking through clear eyes. If these people actually knew a single Pit Bull, we know they would know the truth. Is the owner, not the breed to blame.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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