Specially Trained Dog Seeks Out Soldiers in Distress

Distress Dog

JoJo is a dog that makes his family smile, he makes his family want to spend time with them and open up to them. He is the kind of dog that is specially trained to do something like that. Joe is a one-of-a-kind dog that does a job that no other dog does. He is a therapy dog that is designed to work well with soldiers who might have some PTSD and other health issues as far as their mentality is concerned. To this date, he has managed to identify more than 40 people with emotional stress in their lives. Of those, 7 admitted to having a plan to commit suicide.

His job is to sit down and listen. He does not judge. He does not make anyone feel as if there is anything wrong with them. He feels as if his job is to sit quietly and make soldiers feel at ease, comfortable and able to talk. When they are able to talk about their problems to someone who really listens, it actually helps tremendously. That’s why Joe is a special dog. He is saving lives one at a time, and he is very good at what he does for a living.

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