Spring is Puppy Season!

Yay, Spring is here!  And you know what Spring is, right? It is puppy season! Not officially, mind you, but that is what we call it around the office. Why? Because depending on if you live in a place that gets hit hard by Winter (which we do), you go four months of the year not seeing puppies as much as you do during the warmer weather. The stretch between late December all the way through early March is a time when you rarely run into puppies. Be it in the park or out for a walk, they just don’t come out as much in Winter. But guess what? It is puppy season right now, and the weather is just starting to show it!

I know most of the people who read this site already have dogs of their own, but that makes it no less awesome when you see run into a puppy. There is just something about the warm sunshine hitting your face while some extra excited puppy is running circles around you because you are giving it attention that makes for the perfect day. Though Spring has been a bit cold and bitter so far, it is starting to come around. This means Spring and Summer, which means puppies and dogs everywhere.

Essentially, what we are saying is, life is about to get a whole lot cuter!

(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

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