The Standard Schnauzer: A True Working Breed

Standard Schnauzer

When it comes to working dogs, there are many different types of breeds.  But one of the oldest and most beloved is the Standard Schnauzer.  These hard working canines have been used for hundreds of years, to herd animals such as sheep and goats. Originally from Europe, these dogs were also used to guard the homes of farmers and people who lived in the countryside.  A medium sized dog, this breed is very well rounded and suited for many different jobs.  That’s probably why you will find them in just about every part of the world.  People around the globe have fallen under the spell of this very majestic breed.

A solid dog, the Standard Schnauzer is very strong and has a lot of endurance that many working dogs possess.  While these are the smallest of the working breeds, they make up for their size by their determination and strong will. These dogs are very protective of their home and family.  They will often bark very loudly when an unwelcomed guest comes by.  But at home with the family, they are very calm animals and do really well with children.  In Germany, many of these dogs were used to watch after children that would go out to play. Now these dogs make the perfect family pet, for those who live in the modern world.

Adaptable to just about any climate makes them the perfect dog for just about anyone.  These dogs are now found in major cities and small towns alike.  You will be hard pressed to not find one of these dogs living near you. These regal looking animals are very well mannered and if properly socialized will do well around other dogs.  But one has to keep in mind that these dogs use to be used to catch rats and other small rodents.

So if you are looking for the perfect dog for a family pet, then you can’t go wrong with this breed.  Remember these dogs need lots of love and plenty of exercise for them to be happy.  While they will do well in any environment, they are going to need to be walk daily.

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