A Starved Dog Makes a Full Recovery and Waits for a Home

Photo Credit (left): City of Plano. Photo Credit (right): Tom Fox/Dallas Morning News

Back in October of 2013 animal services in Plano, TX received a complaint about a malnourished boxer dog.   At the time, the boxer mix was two years old.   At the time, the pet was stick thin, emaciated and suffered from a tremendous lack of nutrition.  Because of the lack of food and proper nutrition the dogs bones never grew properly and he now has deficiencies in his elbows, legs, and other parts of the body.

The boxer dog, also named Red, needed multiple surgeries and months of rehab, however after much care he has made a full recovery.  At one point, Red was even on his death bed.  However, his miraculous recovery has served as inspiration for a number of people in the Plano area (and beyond!).

“He is a very sweet dog, very loving,” Animal Services manager Jamey Cantrell said. “[We] didn’t want to give up on him.”  Cantrell believes that Red could do very well with a forever family that is willing to work through his physical and social issues. The lack of nutrition weakened his leg muscles and the canine requires physical therapy to help rebuild and strengthen his muscles.

Red still has some issues guarding his food but this is completely normal and expected of a dog that’s been through what Red has.

Plano Animal Services is looking for Red’s forever home. They hope that once the public learns about the pet’s tragic background and current accomplishment, a family will fall in love with the miracle dog and take him home.

To inquire about adopting Red, please visit Plano Animal Services website, Facebook page, or call 972-769-4360.

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