Story About Puppy in Need and His Generous Owner Will Make Your Heart Melt


A story about a puppy and his human companion who spends his whole disability check on his pup’s veterinarian care has been circulating on the Internet The pup named Dusty and his human companion, better known as “N,” reached a happy conclusion once Dolly’s Foundation stepped in to help the two.

A narrative on Dolly’s Foundation Facebook page tells of a random stranger who saw “N” and Dusty and immediately wanted to help as best she could. She presented “N” with pizza gift cards, smiling and said, “I hope this helps.” After asking the man that is always with Dusty a few questions like “Who is this little guy?” and “What’s your name, little buddy?” and receiving no response, the person was about to head towards their car to leave when he finally broke his silence.

“My friend’s daughter; she’s real hungry. This would be perfect for her. Thank you so much.” The person told him not to mention it, but then he looked up and smiled and said proudly, “This is Dusty!” The two spoke about Dusty for some time while the stranger found a new leash, some treats, toys and canned food that they always have stashed in the car for the dog.

The stranger asked, “Do you need help with Dusty?”

“Nope. He has a vet appointment tomorrow. I just had to wait for my check to come in.”

“What is Dusty getting taken care of tomorrow?”

“Shots. For sure. Then a chip, in case he gets loose, and if I can afford it, some Comfortis. The fleas are bad. I wash him every day with Dawn soap and I even got some of that stuff for his back but nothing works.”

When the stranger offered to take care of all of these things for Dusty, “N” was nearly in tears. He was so determined to provide his dog with what he needs, he made an appointment for the vet on the very day he received his disability check. The stranger told “N” to keep his money for important things, like food for himself, and assured she and her team would help with Dusty.

Dusty needs a sponsor. Between flea medication, vaccines, heartworm prevention, and a microchip, we’re hoping to find $200 in sponsorship. If anyone is interested, you can donate right through the website.

Photo Source: Dolly’s Foundation Facebook page

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