When Swarms of Cute Puppies Attack: Brace Yourselves!

puppy attack

We all have bad days. We have days when things just do not go our way. We have days when our families and our coworkers and our friends and the general public are just irritating and annoying. They ask too much of us. They are not thankful, ungrateful and hateful. We all have bad days. We try so hard not to let these days define us and we try hard to make the most of any particular situation. But sometimes we just need to find an outlet; something that takes our mind off our problems and allows us to focus on something happy. That’s where this video comes into play.

This is a video of sixteen tiny puppies. They all live in one house and belong to one family. I tell you, while most of us would never even consider owning this many puppies to save our lives, these people are saints and their kids seem to love and adore their dogs. They are so sweet, and there is absolutely nothing about this video that will not make you smile. Your bad day is about to get a whole lot better watching as these sweet pups entertain one another and really live it up.

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