Syrian Residents Work Together to Save Abandoned Dogs

syrian dogs

What’s going on in Syria right now is some of the worst violence and the most unspeakable acts. We know that families and residents of this war torn country and doing everything in their power to escape the country so that they may go live anywhere else that is less dangerous and more friendly for their families, and many of them have to do so at the risk of leaving behind their pets. Escaping this country is very expensive and not many families can afford to pay the fee it takes to get on a boat and escape so that they are not caught and they are not killed. That means leaving behind their beloved pets even though they do not want to. As a result, many of the animals there now have no idea how to be homeless without someone to care for them.

Fortunately, the people who have stayed behind are doing just that. A group referring to themselves as SARA, the Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals, is working very hard to ensure that the animals that have been left behind are being cared for. Because of the war, many of the animals are injured and in need of medical care. They might not get the medical care that they need, but they are getting help, assistance and they are being fed and cared for by this group. It is a heartbreaking situation that they face over there right now, and it’s just a relief that someone is caring for these dogs the best that they can.

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