The Teacup Pug is Actually a Cross Breed

Mini Pug

When it comes to tiny animals, some of the cutest are dogs.  While there are a wide range of mini animals out there today, canines make up the largest portion. But there is one dog in particular that is extremely cute.  The Teacup Pug is one of the smallest and most adorable of all dog breed.

The Teacup Pug is not a purebred dog but rather a hybrid. In fact, many people get confused over this issue.  Some who are not as educated on the subject matter believe that these dogs are a breed all of their own.  But this is simply not the case because these dogs are normally crossed between a Pug and a Chihuahua.  This cross breeding is what gives these dogs their tiny size.  So if you are planning on purchasing one of these amazing looking little dogs, keep in mind that you are not getting a purebred dog.

While their tiny size is very desirable, it can also lead to some health issues.  If a female Chihuahua dog is chosen, a C section may be needed because the puppies will be too large for her to deliver on her own. There have been several cases in the past that caused deaths in both the puppies and the mother dog.  But now breeders are catching on to this problem and are taking the proper precautions. Make sure when choosing a breeder to ask about their breeding practices, so that you know no animals were harmed in the process.

Sometimes these designer dogs are breed merely for profit and some breeders are less than professional. These dogs have ended up in puppy mills across the country due to their enormous popularity. So if you have decided to bring one of these animals home, make sure you do your homework and find a reputable breeder.  Also, never purchase one of these animals from flea markets or at a roadside stand because you simply don’t know the condition of the animal.  But with proper precautions and a professional breeder, you too can have one of these super cute pooches to call your own.

These are very huggable little dogs but they often do not do well in homes with small children or other large animals.  It doesn’t take much to harm these little dogs so make sure your home is properly prepared when bring home one of these lovely little dogs.

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