Teenage Girl Terrified of Dogs Saves A Dog’s Life

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Most people love dogs without abandon. They are man’s best friend, they are kind, loving and they are sweet. However, there is always that one person who is terrified of dogs. Perhaps they had a terrible experience with a dog growing up that makes them fearful. Perhaps they simply never spend any time in their lives around dogs and they simply do not know what to expect and that makes them very nervous. Whatever it is, some people simple do not care for dogs and other people are scared of them. That’s what it’s like for Anita, a 16-year-old girl who saved the life of a dog. She’s scared of them, and she has been scared of dogs her entire life.

Anita recently saw a sick, injured dog at her school when her classmates were throwing rocks at it. She was horrified that the other kids would behave in such a manner. She might not want to be near dogs, but she also knows that you respect animals and treat them with love and care. Anita knew she had to help this helpless dog. She called her entire family to ask for help. She stayed with the dog until her dad came to pick her up, but the dog was in such bad condition that he refused to allow it in the car. He gave his daughter a blanket and told her to take the dog to the vet herself. So, she did. Terrified of dogs, she picked him up, took him to the vet and then she stuck around while they treated her for demodectic mange.

She managed to convince her parents to let her keep the dog, despite his expensive medical bills, and now she has a dog of her own. These two have finally bonded and they trust one another, and Anita realizes that the dog isn’t bad; it just needs some love.

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