Tennessee Creates an Animal Abuse Registry


Beginning in January 2016, the people of Tennessee are going to have to answer for their past crimes and abuse involving animals. Much like there are registries in the world about child abusers, sex offenders and those who have spent time in jail for various crimes, there is now going to be an animal abuse registry. What this means when this new law comes into effect in January is that animal shelters will now have the ability to find out if the men and women in front of them looking to adopt an animal have abused them in the past.

Unfortunately, there are too many animals that come into shelters that have been abandoned on the side of the road, beat, shot, stabbed, abused, used in fighting rings, dragged behind cars or just plain ignored; if you are caught, you go onto the registry and no one will ever give you another pet. It is a step in the right direction for Tennessee, and it’s such a popular concept that there are already eight other states considering the same idea for their own areas. An animal abuse registry is designed to keep animals safe; and we really do like that idea.

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