The Accidental Double Dog Trick you Have to See


No one is perfect, least of all dogs and their owners. We all make mistakes. I know I do, and I don’t even have a dog. I have kids and a husband, though, so I know what it’s like when I accidentally make a mistake that affects them, and I know what it’s like when I accidentally do something they think is awesome when that’s not what I was intending at all. Sometimes the mistakes we make turn out to be the best mistakes around. It happens, and that is all right with us. We have no real problem with mistakes and accidents as long as they’re not hurting anyone.

Let’s take this dog trick, for example. These dogs are able to perform a cool trick, and it’s totally by accident. You have to watch the video to see what it is that they are able to do, and you probably will not believe it. There is no way that they practiced this, either; it was something that had to happen completely by accident when they were in the middle of doing something else, and it really just turned into the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. Way to go, dogs.

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