The Hot Dog Bits Rescue Dog is Reunited with Owner


We posted the story two days ago about a wandering dog on a Vancouver roof who was helped down by the allure of hot dog bits.   To refresh your memory, Homeowner Barry Klettke says he was backing out of his driveway Monday morning with his own dog, Bella, in the passenger seat when Bella growled. He says he looked up to see what she saw and there was the dog on his roof. He called 911. The chihuahua mix was not harmed and was taken to the Humane Society in Southwest Washington.

News reports of an animal control officer luring the dog with bits of hot dog were drawn to the attention of Bennett Muasau who had been looking for his 4-year-old Chihuahua mix named Brownie. The Columbian reports the 48-year-old Army recruiter picked up his pet Tuesday from the Humane Society of Southwest Washington.  He says Brownie has been known to get over 6-foot fences, but no one knows how he made it onto the roof of the house five blocks away.

However the dog made it over isn’t the concern now.  We’re just happy Brownie was reunited with Bennett.

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