The iFetch Ball Launcher Keeps the Drool off Playing Fetch


There’s a new product in the works for dog owners.  It’s a revolutionary product called iFetch.   It’s an automatic ball tossing machine for your pooch.   While these types of machines aren’t necessarily new, the iFetch has some built in features that make it unique for dogs and dog owners.    The product itself is designed for small to medium sized dogs and it works like this.

A dog merely has to learn to drop a ball into the device after it had been plugged in (can also run on batteries) and the fun starts.   The machine will automatically toss the ball out for your dog to fetch.  It will launch a mini tennis ball up to 30 feet and you don’t even have to be around to use it.   You dog can be amused for hours.

While the device may sound impersonal there are a lot of dog owners out there who have physical limitations with their pets so this could be ideal for them.  The iFetch even has a drool drain for those particularly slobbery animals.  An iFetch prototype has already been tested by some happy dogs.

Hopefully it’ll be a commercial success!

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