The Top Three Family Dogs of 2019

Most people consider their dogs to be part of their family, but how do you introduce a dog if you already have a family? If you’re looking at buying a dog, and you already have children, you need to take into account many things including; the dogs’ temperament, how much exercise they require and whether they would fit in with your lifestyle and home. While some breeds fit right into family life, others don’t get on well with children and simply wouldn’t fit into a family lifestyle. If you choose the right dog, they will not only be a great playmate for your kids, but also are fantastic for teaching them compassion, responsibility and cooperation. We’re going to take a look at the best three dog breeds which would make a perfect addition to your family.

Labrador – The Most Popular Dog Breed in the World

Everyone can spot a Labrador a mile off; with those big floppy ears, short coat and friendly eyes, and so it’s no surprise that this breed has been the most popular dog in the US since 1991. The American Kennel Clubs Vice President, Gina DiNardo goes as far as saying ‘The Lab truly is America’s dog’. This lovable pooch makes a fantastic family dog. They have a chilled temperament which helps them fit right into families who already have children or other pets. As well as being pretty chilled out, they have a natural instinct to protect and take care of those around them, and love feeling like part of a pack.

The Labrador is obedient and adaptable; they are easy to train as long as they received the proper training as a puppy, which means they should listen to all members of the family, including the smallest of your children. Despite being gentle and patient, they also share the same excitable nature as your children, so they’ll love to get outside with them and play ball, run in the park and hike up hills. Not only do they get on infamously with other children, they’ll also get on well with your other pets, given the right levels of socialization as pups.

Poodle – A German Family Dog With an Active Lifestyle

Poodles are intelligent and gentle, and their good-nature makes them an ideal match for families with children. Due to their intelligence they are easy to train, and will listen to all members of your family, which is important both for them and for your children. As well as being clever, Poodles tend to shed less than other breeds, and so are fantastic for those families who don’t want too much dog hair around, or even have allergies. They make great watchdogs due to their protective instincts, but they’re not overly protective to the extent that they are aggressive.

Poodles do require quite a lot of exercise, in the form of walking, jogging, swimming or lots of play sessions. Again, this dog would fit in well if you have quite an active family who enjoy the outdoors. They suffer from separation anxiety if they’re left alone, and so living with a family eases this for them as there will usually be someone around most of the time. Poodles are quite a sensitive dog and are prone to becoming stressed so they need a family who are quite peaceful and harmonious. Miniature Poodles do not generally make great family pets because they are usually quite highly strung.

Beagle – The Good Natured Hound

Beagles are small, good natured dogs and they love children! They love being outdoors, and will run around with your children in the garden for hours. They enjoy exploring and walking, and because they originally were bred as hunting dogs, they take a long time to tire, which is great for living with children. Beagles are very tolerant of children and other animals, and despite their playful and adventurous nature, they are also gentle and calm, making the ideal family dog. They need plenty of exercise, either a couple of walks each day, or a romp at the park and a play in the backyard to keep them happy. Due to their short coat, they don’t have many care or grooming needs, again, ideal for families who don’t want to spend too much time grooming their dog. These dogs also require plenty of attention, which they shouldn’t be short of if they’re living with a loving family.

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