Therapy Dog Missing For Weeks Finally Returns Home

Annual Assement of Search and Rescue Dog Association

For Veteran, Donald Shiles was beside himself when his therapy dog went missing after he got into a car accident. Last thing he remembers is seeing his little dog, Comet, shoot out the open window of the car as he was trapped by the wreck. Once they finally got him out, the dog was no where to be seen. Donald had begun to assume the worst.  But you know we wouldn’t be telling this story if it did not have a happy ending.

Many people in his community banded together to search for his missing therapy dog, Comet. There were posters and searches and finally, they found the dog. It had some scratches, some bruises, and a few ticks, but other than that, was in good health. The dog had survived! When Donald found out, he was overjoyed. He had gotten Comet as a therapy dog to help cope with his depression as a veteran. His depression had only worsened with Comet missing. But it seems like you see the light in Donald Shiles eyes again now that he and his Comet have been reunited.

Just the simple idea of having to see your dog fly out a window during a car crash would fill most with dread about the dog’s survival. But Donald and his community never gave up. Just shows you what we say, over and over. No matter how bleak it looks, never give up hope.

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

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