These Dogs Pose for the Camera Like Pros

dogs posing

Let me tell you a story about me. Growing up I had no idea how to pose for a photo, and it was difficult to learn the art when it took a week to see images after they were taken. See, I’m 32; we didn’t have iPhones or instant access to our photos when I was growing up. We took a photo, took it to get developed and waited. We did not have the option to sit down and stare at photos and re-position ourselves until we had the perfect selfie. So, as I grew older, I taught myself to pose for a camera and never to be caught off guard. If I sense one aimed my direction, I immediately square my shoulders, smile and angle my face in the correct manner.

These dogs are also very good at that. In fact, they’re a lot better at it than I. They are able to pose for the camera so that their humans can take a photo that looks like this every single time. Just take a look at them. They are adorable. Honestly, have you ever seen a dog take a photo this gorgeous? I can’t even get my kids to stop and stand still long enough to put their arms around one another to pose for a beautiful photo. In fact, they don’t even like to touch one another most of the time. One day…

Regardless, the point of this story is that these two dogs might be the most photogenic and most talented dogs we’ve encountered in a long time, and they are worth a few minutes of time. They deserve the world to see them as they are the cutest little fur models we’ve seen in our live. Do you disagree after seeing how good they’ve done posing for their owners?

Photo courtesy Rumble 

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