Things That Can Save Your Dog from a House Fire

Santa Ana Winds Stoke Wildfires In Southern California

When you ask most dog lovers what is the first thing they would do in a house fire, their responses are all the same. Save your dog first. Well, we know you all mean family, as the dog is a big part of the family. But what about some things the dog could do to save itself from a fire if you weren’t there? Here are five things that can save your dog from a house fire.

Doggie Door

It may sound silly and may scare some people to think criminals can just crawl up on in your house. Truth is, these little doors save more lives in instances like this than most people would ever suspect.

Smoke Detectors

Install smoke detectors and make sure they work regularly. You can also train your dog to know the sound is a sound of distress and should make them run for an exit.

Do Not Cage or Crate

We know caging can be a part of an animal’s life and some people feel the need to use them. But just be aware, crating or caging an animal before bed has lead to some tragic results. In all cases, the dogs are just trapped in there in worst case scenarios.

Inform Neighbors and Give Spare

It is good to have someone around you that you can trust. Find a neighbor who is close enough to the house to see if there is ever distress, and give them a spare key and the information to save your dog if the occasion arises.

Automatic Sprinklers

We know these are not common outside of businesses, but something as simple as this can actually save your dog’s life in a fire. Plus, even if it is a bit of money, isn’t your dog’s safety worth it. Small price to pay to save your dog, if you ask us.

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

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