This Dog Loves the Banjo……A Lot

banjo dog

What’s your feeling on the banjo? Do you love it? Do you find yourself relatively indifferent to the sound that the instrument creates? That’s where I stand, in case you’d like to know. I don’t particularly find myself fond of the sound, but I also don’t find myself offended by the sound either. It’s not my personal style of musical instrument should I have to break down and choose one, but some people love some good old-fashioned banjo music. I am not one of them. However, that does not mean that we cannot thoroughly enjoy the banjo and all it has to offer the way in which this adorable dog enjoys it. He’s used to hearing the strumming strains of this particular instrument as it is the one his father plays.

He loves it, too. You cannot tell in the photo since the dog is jumping up and down so quickly in the video it was impossible to capture a perfect screenshot, but the excitement on this dog’s face is just perfect. It’s the kind of excitement that is just darling and wonderful, and it’s the kind of excitement you just want to take home bottled up for a rainy day. If you don’t believe us that a dog could love this kind of music, take a gander at the video and check it out for yourself. It’s one that is kind of disturbing in a strange way, but kind of sweet in the same way. Check it out and see.

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