This Dog Rides A Tricycle Like A Professional

tricycle dog

Every so often you see something that makes you laugh so hard you cannot even breathe for a few seconds. Those are the best moments in life, if you ask me. Perhaps I am alone in this thinking, but I don’t think so. Funny is the best. I like funny people, I like funny situations and I prefer to spend my life laughing as much as possible, as often as possible with as many fun memories as possible to take with me at the end of a day. I love to laugh, and it’s just fun. That’s what makes this video so amusing. It’s hilarious, and it’s not something that you might ever expect to see. It’s not your typical dog video. Sure, it’s a cute dog and it is entertaining.

But it’s not just a dog doing something that all dogs do and his humans decided he does it better than all the other dogs so that means he needs to have a chance to be shown off on the internet. This dog actually has some serious talent. I cannot even do what he is doing, and that’s pretty amazing. They do say that dogs are quite intelligent and that they can do anything they put their mind to when they have a teacher willing to teach them, but this just takes the cake and proves that left and right. This dog is riding a tricycle just like a human being. He is hilarious, and we are in love with the idea that he can do this and really do it will. Take a look for yourself.

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