This Husky Wants A Bath and Wants it to be Known

husky bath

As someone who has not owned a dog in years, perhaps my own personal memories are a bit off base. I’ll let you decide. You see, our dog would jump up and down, pace the door so much that we were sure he’d eventually wear a trail right through the hardwood floors, and become so excited about the idea of a walk that we were never able to get away with not taking him. Sick, tired, raining; he did not care how we felt or how mother nature felt that day. He was going on a walk and he was thrilled. Nothing was stopping our dog from going on a walk; nothing. However, he was a dog that loved to get into things that made him dirty. Then add the fact that he was white as snow to the mix, and he often needed a bath.

That was not something he was nearly as enthusiastic about. In fact, he cried. He wailed. He sometimes seemed as if he might call 911 and have himself taken away if he could have figured out how to do something like that. I sort of thought that was normal. This husky does not want to go on a walk. He is being offered all the things that most dogs love more than anything, and he seems to want to stay home in the tub and enjoy that moment in his life. It’s just now how my memory of dogs recalls things, but this Husky is loud and quite adamant he wants to take a bath.

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