This Poodle is Definitely Ready for Bed

dog bed

We recently brought to you a video of a dog that simply did not want to go to bed. That dog did every single thing that he could think of to keep his owners from making him go to bed, and it was hilarious. He begged, pleaded and attempted to work them like they were a game to keep from having to go to bed. We admire his tenacity, but we also know that he is a dog and he does not get to make the rules in the house. Everyone knows it is the cat that makes the rules in the house. Now we thought we might bring to you a dog on the other end of the spectrum. This dog is so ready for bed she can taste it. This sweet poodle has the best night time bed time routine, and we had to share it.

See, I’m not the only person in the world excited about my bed time. So many people are not ready to call the day a day and hit the hay, but I always am. I’m ready for bed before anyone else on a regular basis, and I’d go to bed at 7 pm if I thought I could get away with it. This dog is like me; she has a routine and she’s not afraid to embrace it every chance she gets. You have to see the video to understand just how fantastic this dog’s routine is. Trust us; this is good stuff.

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