This Puppy Does Not Want To Go To Bed

dog in bed

I can tell you with complete honesty that the one thing that our kids never argue about is bed. Not one of them; and we have four. We’ve had an established bed time routine since they were born and we don’t deviate unless it’s a special occasion. Even then, the kids are actually asking to go to bed since they are exhausted. Our 2-year-old twins will go lay down on the floor in front of the stairs and close their eyes to let me know that they are tired if I lose track of time and nap time approaches. They just like to sleep, and I have no problem with that. However, I’ve seen other kids with a huge problem with that. They don’t like bed time and they’re not afraid to point it out.

Even dogs aren’t always all about nap time or bed time. This little dog is not happy that his people want him to go to bed, and he is not afraid to mention to them that he is completely outraged by their desire to get him to go to sleep. He thinks he might have a bit of a chance talking the people out of bed time, and he tries. He even gives them the adorable puppy eyes. He’s got them worked; but they don’t actually work. These people just don’t want to give in to him, and he has to go to bed. Check out the adorable video to see if the dog gets his way – or if he gets in bed.  

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