Three Things We Like about the Vectra 3D

So you do know about the Vectra 3D, right? It is a new medicine used to fight fleas, ticks, and other parasites from dogs that can cause huge problems. There are a few elements that set Vectra 3D apart, and we just wanted to take a moment to inform the masses about what a difference it can make now that we are in flea and tick season. This is even more pertinent as we are expecting a brutal tick season this year.

Vectra Protects Against All Parasitic Bugs

Though most flea and tick medicines will harm those insects, what sets Vectra 3D apart is that it attacks ALL parasitic insects. From mosquitoes to fleas to ticks to mites, Vectra 3D actually has your dog covered against anything that can ruin outdoor fun for him or her during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Very Easy to Apply

Vectra 3D is not some weird pill you need to crush up and try to trick your dog into eating. It is also not some cumbersome, drying powder you shower your dog with. Rather, Vectra 3D has a simple application bottle which you use to apply directly to the skin and coat of your dog. It is also safe for the dog and never dries or causes skin irritation, like some flea and tick medicines you apply are well known for doing.

Affordable for All

One of the thing that sets Vectra apart is that it there is no need to break the bank or pick up a second job to afford it. Vectra 3D prides itself on working with the customers to make sure it is affordable as any medicine out there. Dogs are family, and there is no reason they shouldn’t be treated as such.

So try Vectra 3D for your dog this flea and tick season. We can tell you from this side of things, the end results speak for themselves. And to not have to worry about fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and mites this Summer is pretty much going to be priceless. Not just for us, but for our dogs, too.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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