It’s Been Three Years and This Dog is Still Looking for a Home


Three years ago in Alabama, 15 dogs were rescued by the Second Chance Animal Shelter which is owned and run by Doug McGee and his wife. The shelter saves dogs from being euthanized at other shelters. However, three years ago Second Chance was faced with a different kind of rescue.

“In Albertville there’s a section of Albertville called Lazy Creek Road and a lady called up and said she had gone down and said there were a lot of dogs that had been abandoned, chained up, some of them in pens, just in pitiful shape, starving to death,” said McGee.

McGee decided to take it upon himself to check out the situation. His findings were not good. He found seven dogs who looked like they were in horrible shape. Some so emaciated that they couldn’t even stand up. McGee said that whoever moved these dogs simply left them there with no regard. Doug took all seven back to his shelter and nursed them back to health. One of the dogs eventually gave birth to 8 puppies.

Since the rescue the original seven abandoned dogs and seven puppies have all been taken into loving homes. All except one dog named Tipper. For more information on adopting Tipper contact Second Chance Shelter.

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