Tiny Bit Gets Rescued and Is Doing Some Rescuing of Her Own


One Sunday in Marcy 2011,  Trinity decided to go on Craigslist and perused to the pet section.  She had been thinking about getting a chihuahua because one of her friends had rescued one and just fell in love with him. Thinking about how wonderful it would be with that particular pooch, she started looking for a chihuahua to call hers.

A young mother had posted “9 month old male chihuahua, we don’t have the time for him that he deserves” – Bingo! Trinity texted the young woman and said that she would be on my way in about 20 minutes. There was no picture of the dog on the site, so she had to pick him up blindly. When walking into their basement apartment, a tiny, little dog came running towards her barking. Never in my life had she seen a dog that small! For a moment she was stunned by and questioned my decision to go get him. But then, she got down on her knees to meet him eye to eye and he started doing “Puppy Joy Circles.”

Tiny came home and his hair was thinning on top, he constantly scratched, and appeared lethargic and sick sometimes. He was taken to the vet immediately. He was diagnosed with a porto-systemic liver shunt. He went on special food right away to minimize ammonia from protein dumping into his body. The previous owners have been called. I believe they knew the dog was sick. I didn’t mind taking care of a sick puppy. I have the time and resources to take care of his special needs. His hair has fully grown back, his coat looks beautiful, he doesn’t show any symptoms from the liver shunt, and he doesn’t scratch anymore. And the best part? He has a huge picture window to look out at the lake and sun bathe. He also has 2 brothers to snuggle with. Best decision I’ve ever made.

Image via The Animal Rescue site


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