Tips On How To Find An English Mastiff Rescue Near You

. English Mastiff

When you are looking for the hard to find breed, English Mastiff, sometimes going to a breeder is the best option.  But there are alternatives to finding the dog you want.  With the growing awareness of overpopulation, many groups are getting together and saving certain breeds from this ever growing problem.

So instead of adding to the population problem many people are utilizing an English Mastiff Rescue to find their new pet.  These groups can be spread out all over the country.  So to find one that can help you, you’re going to have to do some homework first.  Below are a few tips that may help you find an English Mastiff Rescue even if there isn’t one in your local area.

Ask Around On an Online Dog Forum

Many dog forums will have great information on groups that specialize in this breed.  You can quickly become a member of these forums and it’s free of charge.  You can post a question and you will be responded to by other members with helpful information and advice.

Google Groups Using Your Zip Code

A great way to find groups that are closest to you is to Google them.  Simply put which type of dog rescue group you are looking for followed by your zip code and a list of shelters closest to you should pop up.  While this should give you some results, if you live in a really remote area of the country, you might have to try another method of finding someone that can help you find the dog of your dreams.

You Might Have To Have Your New Pet Flown In

If you live in an area of the United States that is remote or doesn’t have the group you are looking for, you are going to have to find an alternative.  While going to one of these groups in person and picking out your new pet is best, choosing one online is a great option.  This will give you the chance to see pictures of the dog and a little bit about their history before making a decision.

Many of these groups will work with you over the phone to set up delivery of your new pet.  A common delivery method is by plane and you can pick your new animal up at the nearest airport.  This is great and will be less stressful to the animal than a long drive would be.

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