7 Quick Tips on Bathing Your Dog


When you start to smell funny under your arms, you usually take a shower.  This works with your dog, too.  They can’t really bathe themselves so you will have to lend a helping hand.  Your dog needs a bath at least once every two weeks to keep the dirt and bacteria off of them and out of the your house.  Bathing your dog can be done in 7 simple steps.  Now, even thought the steps are simple, you still might not have the easiest time bathing your dog.  In each of these steps we will help you learn the proper way to do each of them in order to make bathing your dog a comfortable situation for both of you.

giving your dog a bath

Step 1 – Wet Them Down

You have to get your pooch used to the water.  That is definitely the first obstacle to overcome when bathing your dog.  The easiest way to do this is to fill your bathtub (or whatever you are using) with two inches of warm water.  Gently set your dog in the water and wait for their reaction.  If they just stand there, then they are good to go.  If they are being difficult, you might have to do a little yelling.  Slowly start to pour the warm water over them to begin the bathing process.  This can be a little alarming at first to your dog, but just be gentle.  If you splash around too much they might get upset.  Make sure their fur is completely soaked and then move on to step 2.

Rinsing your dog off

Step 2 – Suds Them With Shampoo

Have a bottle of dog shampoo ready to go before you even think about bathing your dog.  The shampoo that is used on humans can leave your skin dry and irritated.  Apply the dog shampoo to your pet’s fur and start making some suds.  Be very careful around their eyes and their mouth.  Once they feel the burning of the shampoo or taste it, forget about bathing your dog again.

Rinsing your dog for a bath

Step 3 – Rinse

Whenever you rinse your pup, you are basically repeating step one but without the introduction to the water.  Pour the warm water over their soap-filled fur and give them a nice little massage until they are free from shampoo.  Once all of the shampoo is out, you are ready for the next step.

Dog conditioner for bathing

Step 4 – Lather Them With Conditioner

Step number 4 is exactly like step number 2 during this process of bathing your dog.  The only thing you won’t see is a dog full of suds.  Conditioner usually leaves the hair smooth and silky for a nice, clean look.  Shampoo gets rid of all of the dirt in your dog’s fur which is why there are a lot more suds involved during step 2.  Again, watch around the eyes and the mouth when applying the conditioner.

Drying your dog after a bath

Step 5 – Rinse… again!

Please follow the directions from step 3 but you will need to use new water.  Drain the water you have but at the same time keep filling a cup up and pouring warm water over your dog.  You don’t want to use the shampooed water that was in the tub because that would defeat the purpose of bathing your dog.


Drying your dog with hair dryer

Step 6 – Fluff Them With a Towel

Grab your dog (that probably looks like a wet rat) with a towel and lift them up to set them on another towel that should be on the floor.  Start to gently soak up the water from their fur.  Giving your dog a bath is great, but you don’t want them to shake their water all over you.  After you have completed the task of getting your pooch semi-dry, you can finally move onto the last step.

Step 7 – Let Them Air-dry or Use a Hair Dryer

If you have a dog with a lot of fur then you should probably go with the hair dryer.  Small dogs’ fur can usually air-dry within a half hour.  If you want to add some pretty bows to your dogs ears then go ahead and get creative!

Bathing your dog seemed like such hard work before these seven simple steps came into your life, right?  Don’t worry about it anymore!  You will be able to help your dog conquer their fears of getting a bath in no time.  Just don’t start to dye their fur!


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