Tips to Stop Ticks From Biting Your Dog

When it comes to dogs, ticks are pretty much enemy number one. They present risks in so many forms, and as seen above, can often not even be seen or spotted initially. So with the hot weather upon us and outdoor season for dogs (which is tick season) in full effect, how do you get ticks to stop biting your dog. Here are five simple ways that we hope offer up some solution.

Oral Medications

There are (safe) oral medications the dog can take that will kill ticks (and for a bonus, also often work with fleas). The best part is, these meds are usually taken only once a month.

Tick Collars

There are many brand and many types of collars that will work to stop ticks from biting or attaching. We usually recommend doing some heavy research first to make sure you are buying the most effective brand.

Spot Treatments

Think of it as a dog lotion that helps stop ticks. These can be effective (and are often known to work for up to a month). But again. do you research before hand and make sure whatever it is has no affect on your dog’s skin or coat.

Treat Outdoor Area

This is the one people overlook the most, but you usually have one set area where your dog is when it is outside. If this is your back yard, there are things you can do to make it tick proof. Well, not tick proof, but more tick repellent. This in tandem with a powder or collar can really make a world of difference.

Check Your Dog Frequently

Although all above advice is good, we give it in tandem with this advice. Even if one tick slips through, it can mean Lyme’s Disease for your dog. Check your dog thoroughly after any time spent outside, even if it has been treated. Prevention is, after all, the best medicine. Plus, your dogs are worth the extra work.

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