Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe during July 4th

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Many people are unaware of the stresses dogs can endure during major holidays. Given the intensity of events that go on during holidays often times dogs might retreat to other areas while the “craziness” blows over.   While they tend to handle loud and exciting situations better than cats you have to be aware of what’s going on.   Sometimes they’ll head to different locations seeking calm. It’s important to be aware of this because stress in dogs, like humans, can affect their health. So what can you do for your dog on the 4th of July? Here are a few tips.

Keep your deog indoors. This is probably the easiest one of them all. Doing this will ensure less chaos and exposure to outside activities like barbecue and fireworks.

Observe your dog – just keep an eye on your pet to see if you can notice any signs of stress such as hiding, trembling, being more vocal, irritability, aggressiveness, etc etc.

Safe place – always make sure you’ve got a safe place your dog can retreat to if you see they are stressed. Consider a room that’s away from all the activity and make sure there are pee pads set up.

Dim the lights – keep everything as calm as possible.

Keep them comfy – soothe your dog by whatever means necessary. Extra petting, affection, even using ointments can be helpful.

We hope you have the best July 4th possible but remember your cat while you’re doing your partying!

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