Tormented Pit Bull Just Wanted to Be Rescued and Loved


Why do Pit Bulls get so much hate in this world and in the media? Why can’t people realize the media seems to only focus on bad news when it comes to this breed, and if it did this with all breeds, you would realize that it is the press and people who raise the dogs wrong?  Not the dogs themselves. Pit Bulls are just like any other dog. Believe it or not, they just want love. We have a rescue video that will show you just how tender and vulnerable a breed they really are.

You know we love a good rescue story, and you know we love any time we can post something positive and uplifting about Pit Bulls. So for us here at Puppytoob, this is the best of both worlds. A video that will show you just good humans can be, and a video that will show you a very different side of a Pit Bull then you are used to seeing by the media.

While it may be sad to see the dog at the beginning, you just gotta wait it out. You realize by the end, he is just a scared dog who needs some love and comfort. And from the looks of things, that is just what he gets.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


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