Toronto’s Dog Bite Reports Have Nearly Doubled Since Banning Pit Bull Breeds

pit bull

Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Pit Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers were banned approximately a decade ago in Toronto. City officials believed that the ban would decrease the number of dog bites and attacks in the city, and they decided that these dogs are the most dangerous and most aggressive of the bunch. What do you think has happened in the ten years that these dogs have no longer been permitted as pets within city limits? Before we answer, we will tell you what the law means. It means that all dogs in any of these categories had to be spayed or neutered within two months of the law passing, they had to remain not only leashed but also muzzled in public and if you didn’t already have one, you could not get one once the law passed.

It turns out that the law designed to save lives and protect people from the dog bites actually increased over the past decade. There were only 486 reports of dog bites in 2005 before the law was enacted and that number almost doubled to 767 in 2014. It seems that the ban officials were so anxious to put into place did not work. Sure, it might have dropped the number somewhat because there are fewer dogs with mouths to bite, but that doesn’t change the fact that dog bites did not decrease over the course of the decade this type of dog breed was allowed in public – it only decreased the number of people bitten by a pit bull type of dog.

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