The Touching Moment Where Miley Cyrus Wept About Her Dog

Love her or hate her, Miley Cyrus is a dog lover, and lets all the world know it. As much as she may seem a little amoral at times. And as much as her music is not our cup of tea, the simple fact that she is a dog lover makes us actually respect her more. Well, we have a cute little story that may make you like and respect her more as well. It is sad, but it is touching and something all of us dog lovers can relate to.

Miley Cyrus had a dog named Floyd who it was well known that she loved very much. The sad part is, Floyd unexpectedly died at only four years old (they never released a reason for death, but the rumor is a coyote killed the dog) and it left the singer beside herself. She literally tweeted that she wish the dog had taken her with him. Any dog lover can understand that feeling. That complete sense of loss. Anyway, flash forward, and Miley is doing a live show in Boston. Suddenly, to everyone surprise, a giant, inflatable version of her dog appeared behind her on stage. She then tells the crowd that she is sorry she is not herself at the show, but it is because she lost her dog, who she was now going to sing a song to. She proceeded to sing the Fleetwood Mac tear jerker, Landslide, and throughout the performance began weeping openly. Rumor is that most of the audience was in tears as well.

So say what you want about the singer and her over-the-top attitude, but we hear a story like that it cannot help but make us like Miley Cyrus more. We are very sorry to hear she had to go through something that heart breaking, but she obviously has a far bigger heart than many of us though. And she is also a lot more similar to us than any of us would have ever thought, either.

Also, rest in peace Floyd. And Miley, so sorry for your loss. Sounds like it came in like a wrecking ball and tore your world apart. We know that feeling.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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