How to Treat Your Dog’s Arthritis Naturally

Seeing your dog age can be difficult sometimes, and seeing them lose some of their faculties can be hard for some of us. One of the most common conditions affecting senior dogs is arthritis. There are plenty of treatments available for dogs suffering from arthritis, some more efficient than others. But it’s always better to go for natural alternatives when you have the chance. Here are some natural ways that you can alleviate arthritis symptoms in older dogs.

Reduce the Dog’s Toxic Load

Arthritis is triggered largely by your animal diet, and their toxic load may be the main reason why they’re experiencing symptoms. The first thing you should do is change their diet and detox them. You should first detox your dog’s liver as it is responsible for filtering the toxins in the body.

To do so, you’ll need to change your dog’s diet to low fat meats. Try to stay away from dried food, kibbles and other processed canned meats. Try to stay away from synthetic preservatives as much as you can, and grains of any kind, since they aren’t a natural part of a dog’s diet. You should supplement your dog with non-dairy probiotics as well as a chlorophyll complex.

Consider Herbal Extracts

Did you know that cannabis was increasingly being prescribed for the treatment of arthritis in both dogs and humans? CBD oil extract in particular has been shown to greatly reduce symptoms in pets. And cannabis for dogs isn’t as psychoactive as regular cannabis, since the extracts have been stripped of the THC, the compound responsible for most of cannabis’ psychoactive properties.

Make Sure Your Dog’s Diet is Rich in Antioxidants

The main culprit behind arthritis is inflammation, and antioxidants are one of the best ways to counter it. They also reduce the damage anti radicals can cause to the body. Antioxidants pretty much clean all of the “rust” out of your dog’s body, and allow them to be more active and age slower. Good sources of antioxidants include wild blueberries, turmeric, phytoplankton and cranberries just to name a few.

Feed Them Healthy Fats

Our dog’s diets have changed greatly over the years and many things that they didn’t eat are now part of their everyday diet. Grains, for instance, are full of omega 6s which cause inflammation. Fats play an essential role in dog’s bodies and have an effect on every single cell in their body. Omega 3s, contrarily to Omega 6s, work to reduce inflammation instead of triggering it. So, a diet rich in Omega 3s will ultimately reduce symptoms over time. Good sources of Omega 3s include farm fed animals and phytoplankton. Stay away from fish oils though, most of them have a tendency of turning rancid, which could eventually do more harm than good.

Treating arthritis in dogs can be done naturally if you understand how their nutrition affects their symptoms. If you want to treat your dog’s arthritis without contributing to their toxic load, make sure that you follow the few tips in this article.

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