Twice Returned Pit Bull Is Waiting To Find Her Happily Ever After


This beautiful dog is Sasha. She is a petite four-year-old pit bull who has had a heck of a time in her life. She was brought to a local shelter a few years back, and she lived there for two years. Every day this beautiful dog hoped that today would be the day a wonderful family would come in and decide that they wanted to adopt her, bringing her home to a house with a lot of love to go around. It took more than two years before someone came in and decided that Sasha was the dog for her.

It turns out, the shelter thought that this woman would be a perfect match for Sasha. They got along well and there seemed to be no issues. Sasha’s adoption was celebrated. This beautiful dog spent two years waiting desperately for her own family, and she finally received her perfectly happy ending. Or so they thought. It turns out, Sasha’s happy ending has yet to occur.

Before too long, it was brought to the attention of local authorities that the woman who adopted Sasha was a hoarder. She had more than 70 animals living in her home, which is just not a good idea. Covered in feces and animal filth, these animals were given no love and deplorable living conditions. It was a terrible ordeal all the way around.

Sasha is back at the animal shelter, and she’s going through the process of looking for her forever home for a second time. This beautiful dog is sweet, gentle and well-behaved, and it is high time to find her the home of her dreams. She deserves a little happiness after all that she has been through, and we hope that someone will be able to give her the love that she so desperately wants and needs.

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