Two Men Steal Pit Bull Puppy From A Little Boy and The Community Fights Back in a Big Way

Pit Bull Puppy

It was a month from the day that a pit bull puppy was walking with his 10-year-old owner when two men stopped them, started asking questions and then stole the dog right off the leash from the little boy. He was so upset and he was so beside himself. This was his puppy. This darling dog was taken from his child and it was a tragic moment in Nashville. Who could do this to Boomer and his little boy is still unknown. It was a month ago that this happened. But Boomer was a miracle waiting to happen.

A month after he was stolen from this little boy, his mother went outside to do a few things in the yard. That’s when she heard barking. She assumed that there must be a stray dog in the yard and she turned around to see where it was and what she could do to help. That’s when she saw her son’s pit bull puppy, stolen from him a month before, tied to a telephone pole in her yard. She has no idea where he came from or how he got home, but she and her son are thrilled. The dog appears to be fine, but has a vet appointment scheduled to be on the safe side.

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