When These Two Mini French Bulldogs Meet It Is Amazing

Two cute pups

There are a lot of tiny dog breeds out their these days.  You can’t pick up a newspaper without seeing at least a few people advertising them for sale.  While most of these dogs are cute I think two of the cutest would have to be the two little dogs in the video below.  So make sure to check it out after you read the article.

As you watch these pair of Mini French Bulldogs who meet for the first time, it is simply amazing.  These wonderful little pooches seem to really be interested in one another.  While they both have different color coats, I am sure that they are very happy to see another dog that is similar to them.  These pint sized pups are so cute and adorable, and watching this video really makes me want to run out and get one of my very own.

The two dogs at first smell each other as if to say hello.  But what happens next will blow you away.   As the two animals start to get more familiar with one another, the white one barks and jumps at the darker colored pup.  This really excites the pair and they both start jumping and playing around.

It’s really a treat to see these two dogs that are full of energy playing around.  It seems their meeting place is a pet store, where they allow dogs to roam around while their owners shop for them.  I am really glad that these two pooches got to meet and I am sure that they will be seeing more of each other in the future.

This is truly a fun video to watch because these dogs really seem to have hit it off.  I wonder if their owners will exchange numbers so that they can play with one another in the future?  So if you are a fan of the dog, the Mini French Bulldog or just love dogs in general, you will want to check out the video below.  It put a smile on my face and I am sure that it will put one on your as well.

Image via YouTube.com

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