Two Puppy Mill Survivors Will Take to the Road to Rescue Dogs


There’s a new breed of superheroes hailing from Colorado: dogs saving dogs! Two tiny chihuahuas are making it their mission to save dogs from puppy mills. Harley and Teddy, two puppy mill survivors themselves, will be making their way through the Midwest with “Harley to the Rescue” to help save their fellow pups with National Mill Dog Rescue. The group plans to leave April 26 and aims to help in saving around 50 dogs.

Harley is a 13-year-old Chihuahua and is considered a public figure in the puppy mill awareness world, thanks to social media. He spent 10 years as a commercial breeder in a puppy mill and is most recognizable for his one-eye, losing an eye when he was power washed at the puppy mill. He suffers congestive heart failure and is an active user of Facebook, with over 44,000 followers to spread awareness about the cruel realities of the puppy mills. Teddy is more of a newcomer to the social media world and spent the first seven years of his life in a puppy mill before being rescued about a year ago. He is Harley’s right-hand man and is spreading awareness on his own Facebook page as well, with over 17,000 followers.

“Harley to the Rescue” initially started out as a campaign to raise money to save the lives of 25-30 dogs from the puppy mills, totaling to about $2,500. However, thanks to the two activist dogs, the cause has raised well over $150,000 to rescue 265 pups from the harsh and terrible conditions at these mills. Their cause is being aided primarily through their social media pages, chronicling their first-hand experiences of being puppy mill survivors.

What can you do to help? Follow the mission of these two caped-crusader Chihuahuas and support the cause! You can learn more at

Image Source:  PR Log

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